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Biffi Milano: our History

Biffi Boutiques came to life in the late '60s, courtesy of the bold vision of sisters Rosy and Adele Biffi, who opened the first two fashion boutiques in Milan.

With their talent and refined taste, the sisters contributed to solidifying the international reputation of the Biffi name, carrying forward the success and development of the company with the valuable contributions of other family members and experienced collaborators.

Currently, the Biffi group manages five stores (Biffi Boutiques, Banner, and Biffi B-Contemporary in Milan, and Biffi Boutiques in Bergamo) and the e-commerce platform From the past to the present, numerous young stylists and designers have found belief and support from the Biffi family, shaping the contemporary luxury fashion style.

Biffi Boutiques stands out for an avant-garde aesthetic concept that blends different trends and creative expressions into a defined and refined taste characterized by color, lightness, and harmony.

More than a simple mix and match, it's a creative journey of influences and combinations flowing from fashion to other forms of art and design. Numerous collaborations with designers, architects, and artists for special projects, installations, and limited editions.

Milan and the international approach

Biffi Boutiques maintains a strong connection with the territory, deeply rooted in the urban, human, and cultural fabric of the city.

Milanese style is a declaration of elegance, decisive but not excessive, a blend of class worn with nonchalance and intriguing style without overdoing it. It's like a distinctive signature that inspires our brand, making us ambassadors of Milanese glamour around the globe.