Men's T-Shirts Thom Browne

If we look at the past decade of fashion, we don’t find anything out of the ordinary from a lot of the designers. Among them comes out Thom Browne a shining beacon of revolution in the fashion industry. With his cropped-off silhouettes, he has furnished a new path towards the social boundary that was once thought to be provoking. Inspired by his father’s grey colour clothes, he mainly uses navy and grey in his tailored clothes. Even for Thom Browne Men's t-shirt , the colour stays the same or works around its way to be in this boundary. So, whenever you wear a Thom Browne , you will always stand out as someone willing to push the norm.

History of the brand

After studying economics at Notre Dame , Browne went to seek his career as an actor for some time. Finding his interest in fashion and not in acting, he moved to Los Angeles to get involved in the creative scene. This is where he started to shine after working for Giorgio Armani . He started his eponymous line of tailored suits after having a successful career at Club Monaco , then owned by Polo Ralph Lauren . In the beginning, he designed five suits for himself and started wearing them in public in the form of guerrilla marketing , taking only ‘made-to-order’ deals. Gradually he started turning heads around and the cropped-off design and narrowed down shorts became the fashion icon of the New York fashion scene. Awarded the CFDA Menswear Designer of the year, Browne is now an unstoppable movement.

The uniqueness of the designer

Wearing a Thom Browne Men's t-shirt will put you in a unique standing wherever you are. His iconic red, white, and blue grosgrain on the side of the t-shirt, or the top with buttons on the bottom side, puts a new twist to the normal t-shirt genre. This iconic grosgrain came to him during a trip to Mobuka , a tailoring shop in Manhattan . Tailored with the utmost perfection and uniqueness, a Thom Browne t-shirt is fit for any occasion and time. It is not just a t-shirt, but a lifestyle that expresses what kind of person you are.

Thom Browne brought his famous bespoke tailoring to his men’s t-shirt which is really out of the context of t-shirts. It elevates a t-shirt from being basic wear to something more extraordinary. Once you wear one, the whole world around you change gradually. Your sense of style and fashion starts to speak for itself. Just like Thom Browne himself found out after wearing his beginning designs. You won’t see anyone around you dressed like you or feel the same as others. You can be in classy outerwear and be in your regular outfit at the same time.

T-shirts for the fashion enthusiasts

We always try to stand out with our way of life and choices to attract people or even impress them with our sense of style. A Thom Browne men's t-shirt can do all of that. Think how confident you’ll feel in a t-shirt that has been tailored and mastered just to fit you with elegance. Surely everyone would feel great about themselves! It is also a mental thing of wearing something that makes you more confident in an event as well as your surroundings. So, once you have selected something as impressive as a Thom Browne , your work is half done.

T-shirts: a gift for someone special

Thom Browne is also an elegant approach towards your relationship and their view about your sense of style. The person you have chosen to give a Thom Browne t-shirt would perhaps feel much surer about your commitments toward them. It is also great in developing a unique style sense in someone. And if they are not familiar with the fashion house, they will appreciate something out of the ordinary and new in the scene.

A t-shirt can be fitted with anything you want to wear, be it shorts or jeans. But Thom Browne wanted to change the whole ‘jeans with everything’ approach and introduced a radical solution. You can try a Thom Browne t-shirt with joggers, shorts, or even formal pants. Fit it with a jacket or a sweater, and you are all ready to go wherever you want.

You’ll find Thom Brown men’s t-shirt in various elegant colours and styles. Gray, white, or even black with pockets or not, and the signature Thom Browne red, white and blue grosgrain sliding down by the side, or just simply on the back, or on the front side of the t-shirt makes it look much more vivid than a regular t-shirt. It is a fresh approach towards the traditional t-shirt scene and a worthy investment to future-proof your personal style.

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