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T-shirts Stone Island: getting to know the brand

Founded in 1982, Stone Island is an Italian brand born from the idea of Massimo Osti, thanks to the invention of a new and alternative fabrics for men's fashion. And in fact Stone Island presents, as the first fabric used in the launch collection, a particular fabric, starting from the double-sided tarpaulins used for truck covers, the designer manages to create an entire collection of outerwear . The process it uses is complex and involves an extreme washing for the realization of what is then baptized Tela Stella, characterized by being two-colored.

Where does the brand name come from?

Stone Island is conceived from the fusion of two English words particularly dear to the designer, a lover of novels by Joseph Conrad; this author, in fact, often uses these terms that recall the sea, the rocks, the sun and nature. Massimo Osti chooses these key elements for his collections. A further feature of the brand is that each item of clothing aims first of all to be functional: just like the clothing of sailors and military, even the Stone Island proposals are created first of all to guarantee maximum practicality and functionality. This philosophy was immediately the basis of the success of the brand which at launch, in less than two weeks, had already sold out all the items in stores!

The fabrics

The first fabric produced by Stone Island is Tela Stella; this is produced starting from the double-sided tarpaulins of the trucks, made in two colors, red and blue. The extreme washing with the stone washed technique gave life to a resistant and waterproof fabric that was used to make two-colored outerwear, produced in six different variations.
Subsequently, the Ice Jacket is created, another experimental fabric characterized by an extreme sensitivity to temperature: in fact, according to temperature variations, the fabric changes color. The continuous experimentation and the line of fabrics and materials produced by the brand is increasingly vast and, above all, continuously successful.

The Stone Island Badge

Among the distinctive signs of the brand is the military-inspired badge , which is applied to all garments, on the chest or on the shoulder, using two buttons. Above the badge is the symbol of the Rose of the Winds, another element that recalls the life of sailors and, therefore, the clear inspiration of the brand. The badge is also applied to the trousers, usually on the back pocket or on the leg. Over time, the badge has undergone some changes and, in some cases, limited editions of the logo have been made, as in the case of the company's thirty years.

An iconic garment: the t-shirt

The Stone Island vest is a garment known today in all over the world: the classic T-shirt with round neck, without buttons and made of cotton or other materials represents an element present in every collection, both by best-known designers and by budding ones. The t-shirt was born in the period of the Second World War, when US soldiers were supplied with very simple, round-necked, practical and comfortable t-shirts use.
Immediately after the war, this garment became a common garment, especially thanks to its increasingly frequent use, in the 1950s, by movie stars. Fashion then became interested in t-shirts starting to create always different models. In the seventies the Stone Island t-shirt became colorful and, subsequently, the first fantasy prints appeared. There was no longer anyone who did not have at least one t-shirt in their wardrobe and, above all, thanks to the increasing popularity of this item, even women began to use it, at first only for sports activities , then also as casual wear.

The Stone Island T-Shirt

Naturally, the various Stone Island collections could not miss the t-shirt, made of cotton or other high quality materials. The choice of the brand aims at different solutions, in plain white or colored, or with prints. It goes without saying that the inspiration of the brand's t-shirts is always marinara : and in fact, among the most popular colors there are light blue, blue and all cold colors.
The badge or the wind rose logo, sometimes positioned on the chest, other times at the bottom and, in some cases, an integral part of the t-shirt prints. For t-shirts, Stone Island offers mostly classic fabrics, such as cotton or synthetic fibers highly breathable and perfect for guaranteeing a regular fit to the t-shirt.

How to wear Stone Island men’s t-shirts

Born as military clothing and then casual, today the t-shirt can be considered a classic, a real must have of clothing, which can be used on a large number of outfits. White t-shirts really allow a large number of uses: worn over jeans and with sneakers they can be perfect for a casual look, but worn over classic trousers and with moccasins they take on a more elegant appearance, perfect also for an informal occasion but not excessively sporty.
In summer, moreover, the t-shirt can be worn over a short to go to the beach or simply for a walk on the seaside. Also in this case, elegance and practicality will be ensured thanks to the regular cut of the t-shirts and, above all, to the beauty of the colors and patterns of Stone Island. Perfect for any occasion, Stone Island men’s t-shirts can also be valid allies for a workout: the breathable material, the elegance of the style and their comfort are in fact perfect elements to practice physical activity outdoors or in the gym.

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