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Founded in 1992 , the Alexander McQueen brand is synonymous with luxury haute couture but at the same time with collections capable of overwhelming, surprising and disorienting. The designer Alexander McQueen founds his brand in his early twenties and after the first shows many turn their noses up at the excess brought to the catwalk, clearly contrasting with the British bon-ton the luxury fashion of the period.
The designer was soon branded a terrible boy , but before long the one who was initially rated as a visionary and insane designer was recognized as a high fashion genius and awarded with some of the most important industry awards. But not only: in 2003 he received the appointment of knight of the ECB order, one of the most important in the United Kingdom.
One of the main characteristics of the British designer was immediately that of wanting to amaze, aiming not only at collections with a strong character and deliberately shocking and unconventional, but also at fashion shows that they were intended as real shows, with special effects of great importance.
The success of Alexander McQueen has led the brand to have important collaborations with professionals and brands in the various sectors of fashion and not only for the creation of perfumes, eyewear, sportswear and much more.

Alexander McQueen and men's fashion

The man who dresses Alexander McQueen is bold but at the same time attentive to attention to detail. You can choose whether to wear dresses with bright colors or with particularly refined patterns but will not be able to give up well-made seams and quality of materials. At the same time, he can choose to dress in a classic or modern and casual way depending on the mood or context in which he is.
Silk, cotton, wool and leather are the materials that are mostly found in the fashion proposals of the brand: to make the different models unique, however, are above all the colors and patterns, always new and able to making every choice of clothing unique. The proposals of the brand are not limited only to clothing, but also involve shoes and accessories.
Also for footwear you have the possibility to choose between classic solutions such as Oxford or Derby or modern ones such as ankle boots; yet, those who prefer a sporty outfit can select one of the many proposals for sneakers increasingly popular even under clothes that are not necessarily casual or urban.

The sweatshirts

Casual clothing par excellence, the sweatshirt in the past was a typically spring garment. Today, thanks to the different types of fabric that make it possible to create more or less light models, it has become a permanent star of any season's outfits. It can be long, short or sleeveless, with or without hood, with zip, with high collar and, above all, made by mixing different materials to create solutions suitable for different seasons.
As practical as few items of clothing, today the sweatshirt is used not only for a more urban style, but also in a more elegant version, opting for solutions created by the best brands in the luxury fashion. Just combine it with different types of trousers or shoes to make every look always different, classic or casual, elegant or sporty depending on the combinations and accessories used.

Alexander McQueen sweatshirts

From a name like that of Alexander McQueen one could not expect standard sweatshirts: and in fact the creations of his collections are recognized for a unique style, made of models and colors able to be recognized in every moment. The first peculiarity of the brand's creations is that most of the sweatshirts by Alexander McQueen are made in Italy: the brand has in fact opted for the quality of Italian fabrics and creations to guarantee excellent results to its casual collections.
Depending on the models, you can select organic jersey sweatshirts, with satin embroidery, hand-embroidered cotton models, crewneck or hooded models and much more. It should be noted that many sweatshirts by Alexander McQueen are made by combining elements and different fabrics, with details that make each creation truly unique.
Among the proposals of sweatshirts we should not forget those with zip, real sports jackets to be used for an outing with friends or even to go to the gym to train. Finally, for lovers of hoodies, Alexander McQueen has created several models in different colors, with more or less important details and, above all, with a style that is always unique.

Casual, urban or classic?

It has already been highlighted how sweatshirts are a purely sporty garment, perfect for a casual look. By opting for hoodies, however, the outfit shifts towards what is commonly referred to as urban style, a typically urban look, typical of young people between school, university and work I am looking for comfortable clothing that at the same time is not scruffy but guarantees a touch of style.
The sweatshirt is therefore a fundamental element to live in a completely free way but which, depending on the chosen outfit, can take on a more or less classic, casual or urban tone. With denim trousers and a round neck sweatshirt you can create the typical casual outfit; opting for cargo pants or sweatpants and a hoodie you can create a typically urban look .

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