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The men's jackets Stone Island are a versatile garment for men that fits very well in any situation. Thanks to their sporty style but also elegant at the same time, they can be the right garment to protect yourself on cold winter mornings but also an indispensable aid on cool summer evenings. The brand, known for the refinement with which it always experiments new materials and particular cuts, offers a collection of elegant yet functional men's jackets, for total freedom.

Stone Island, a brand of quality and history

The Stone Island brand was born from an intuition of Carlo Rivetti, who boasts a long family experience in the clothing sector and with his sister Cristina created the company that owns the Stone Island brand. The family business was born as a wool producer but, over the decades, its business evolved, launching itself first as a support for high fashion companies and then, in the 1980s, in the production of sportswear.
In 1983 Carlo Rivetti meets the encounter that changes his life: by chance he meets Massimo Osti, creator of the fabric called Tela Stella, a canvas inspired by that of the truck but which is characterized by having a different color on both sides. From the meeting of the two and from the inspiration of this new material, the first collection of only seven jackets for men was born, with a clear military inspiration and a reference to the marine environment.
Since that day, many designers have taken turns leading the creative team but the quality and innovation have always remained the same, true hallmarks of the Stone Island brand.

Quality materials for Stone Island men's jackets

What characterizes the Stone Island men's jackets is above all the quality. Since that particular material called Tela Stella was used for the first time. Research has never stopped and the creative team is always working to discover and identify innovative materials that can meet the needs of the modern man who is always busy with a thousand commitments and needs technical but performing clothing, capable of covering but at the same time being light with a sporty line for the day but obviously capable of adapting to a more classic style for evening appointments, when it is not possible to go home to change before an appointment.
Each new collection from Stone Island respects these principles and for this reason it is much loved by men of all ages who find in these garments the answer to their every need. In addition, the materials of Stone Island men's jackets are so resistant that each garment is guaranteed to last a long time and the very current but simple cuts never go out of style.

Refined colors and cuts, this is how the Stone Island man becomes elegant

Cuts are one of the most distinctive and unmistakable elements of Stone Island men's jackets. The marine and military inspiration is the fil rouge that binds all the collections but the goal of the company is to always bring a touch of novelty, to make every garment current but at the same time always modern.
The production of Stone Island men's jackets is industrial ,but the details, the attention to detail, the love for every single aspect is the most typical of an artisanal production. Precisely for this reason, the fit of Stone Island men's jackets is always maximum and adapts to the physicality of any man, regardless of age, height and weight.
Always with a view to satisfying a very different but at the same time all extremely demanding customer base, even the shades offer a wide range of colors, so as to identify the garment that will best suit any type of occasion and outfit, in summer as in winter.

Stone Island men's technical jackets

A very special garment found in the Stone Island men's jacket collection is represented by the technical jackets. These are garments that have a very sporty inspiration. For this reason they are made of lightweight, water-repellent material to shelter from rain and wind, able to fold easily to be inserted even in a backpack.
Furthermore, these technical jackets can be suitable for both winter and summer and are a candidate to be the perfect garment to always keep on hand for any situation, both day and evening.
This style of jacket is characterized by pockets, zips and many other useful accessories, an ideal travel companion for a modern man so busy with his career, hobbies and passions. Also in this case there are many colors available, for every type of look and personal taste.

How to match Stone Island men's jackets

How to best match a Stone Island men's jacket without missing a beat? The beauty of these jackets is that they can really go well with everything: there are those who wear them with a sportswear for free time, perhaps with tracksuits and sneakers, but there are also those who loves use Stone Island men's jackets on a elegant suit for work, choosing a technical model that protects from the cold, rain and wind but at the same time takes up little space, and then quickly puts it back inside of a bag when no longer needed.
The style, however always clean and linear, is perfect for every outfit and is timeless: all Stone Island jackets adapt to every fashion trend flawlessly and without difficulty.

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