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If you are looking for a luxury fashion brand for your down jacket, Moncler is the one for you. It is mostly known for the quality of its down products: here you can find the best down jacket for men realized by Moncler , in different colors and style.

About the brand

Moncler is an Italian brand , founded in 1952 by two French designers, René Ramillon and André Vincent . They draw the name of the brand from the abbreviation of the town Monestier-de-Clermont , a ski resort close to the most known Grenoble, in France. In 2003 the brand was close to the bankrupt: it is thanks to Remo Ruffini , an Italian business-men, if it is still working. In fact, Ruffini bought it giving it a new life.

In the last years, Moncler launch a lot of collections, for men, women and kids: in 2018 a new and innovative project was created for the collection, the Moncler Genius Project . It is a creative model that allows all the well-known designer to create their cloth and jacket interpreting the brand's identity. Each garment is released monthly giving life to a unique collection, made up by the best designers.

Moncler men's down jacket: the features

There are no doubt about the quality of the Moncler down jacket ; since birth, in fact, the brand was known for the high heat of the material. Its popularity dates back to 1954, when Moncler jacket were selected by the Italian expedition to K2 . Since then, more and more mountain expedition was accompanied by Moncler jacket .

The reason is very easy to understand if you look at the materials: all the products, from the internal padding to the fabric are characterized by high level of quality. Yarns and nylon are selected to be the best on the market, so to guarantee a perfect weather resistance and long duration.

Special attention is placed in the selection of the down used to ensure warmness and insulation. Years and years of research and experienced has allowed Moncler to recognize that the best insulation derive from the down of white geese. It is important to note that the brand pay a great attention for animal, following a specific protocol for animal, the DIST Protocol , that underline the traceability technical quality and the respect for animal welfare.

Moncler men's down jacket: the models

Down jackets for men realized by Moncler are characterized by elegance, despite the casual style of this kind of garment. The different collection allows you to choose among various kind of jacket, long or short, shiny or matt and in different colors.

For example, you can choose the Shiny Ripstop nylon fabric Agar down jacket , a model realized to ensure fashion and warmness. It is a puffer padded jacket, with long sleeves and a comfortable front zip closure. The two side pockets are perfect to warm your hands or to put some object in.

If you prefer a long jacket in matt fabric, you can aim to the Long down jacket . It is really comfortable and warm, with down-filled and with a long front zip closure that allows you to stay warm and protected. Buttons are present, too, with the logo of the brand. The jacked is equipped with two large side pockets. Perfect to get through the winter, it merges the elegance of a coat with the practicality of a down jacket .

If your winter is not too cold or if you want to be warm also in spring, you can choose the Lightweight quilted nylon longue saison AGAY down jacket . With its red mat color, it is perfect to inspire warmth when dressed. It is filled with goose down and feather and its design is perfect for an everyday use. Is characterized by a front closure, with a long and practical double slider zip. The side pockets are easily closed by zip, too. Another pocket is on the sleeve, with the iconic logo on the flap. The sleeve ended with adjustable cuffs, characterized by elastics and buttons.

Rateau is an icon jacket that is able to combine elegance, urban attitude and high performance fabrics. The soft and lauquè nylon, makes this jacket warm and shiny in the same moment. The funnel collar, and the snap button closure are further elements that confer a unique design to this garment.

How to wear Moncler down jacket

Your Monclear jacket is really easy to wear: you can put it on a casual outfit, for an informal meeting with friends or relatives, but you can also use it on a more formal look. These luxury down jacket are in fact perfect for all-purpose. So, take your down jacket for a walk with a friend, for e work meeting or simply to go to the gym: its versatility is second only to the quality of the down and fabric used to realize it.

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