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Men have been using bags for centuries. In fact, they were initially designed as a practical accessory, as men’s clothes didn’t have pockets. In many respects, the girdle pouch is seen as the first type of man bag.

With the invention of pockets, the girdle bag was replaced with the sweet bag. As the name suggests, it was a bag of sweet-smelling items to detract from the aroma of body odor.

It can be argued that it has taken until the early 2010s for the man bag to be truly accepted, but it is clear that this practical and stylish bag is here to stay.

Introducing The Fendi Men’s Bag Collection

Fendi has been trading since 1925 when a small boutique specializing in bags and furs was opened in Rome. The name has been synonymous with fashion ever since and enjoyed a 54-year collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld.

Today, the company focuses on making high-quality stylish, yet creative products. They have embraced the idea of the men’s bag and created a stunning collection of Fendi bags for men. This collection has steadily evolved to reflect the changing needs and styles of the modern man.

That’s why you’ll find a stunning collection of Fendi men’s bags on offer to satisfy your needs.

Purchasing Fendi Men’s Bag

If you're looking for a man's bag with timeless style and want to add a designer bag to your handbag collection that will defy trends and stand the test of time, Fendi is the way to go.

To give you an idea of what bags they have on offer, check out the following list.

Belt bag

As the name suggests, this small bag is designed with a belt incorporated, allowing you to secure it around your waist and carry essential items securely. The main pocket is lined with suede fabric.


If you prefer to carry a more conventional backpack, then the Fendi men’s backpack is perfect for you. It is designed in a medium brown with the Fendi logo emblazoned across it. The front pocket has a diagonal slash of tan leather.

Leather Pouch

The leather pouch offered by Fendi is the perfect example of a modern Fendi bag for Men. It comes with small handles, but these can be removed to make a smart wallet-style bag. It is full leather and has Fendi printed and hand-painted onto it. In short, it is practical and stylish.

The Baguette

The original baguette bags were used in the war to ensure soldiers could carry everything they needed. Today, the Fendi men’s baguette bag is a little smaller and definitely more stylish. It is made from a mixture of polyester, cotton, and resin to create a stunning and useful addition to your wardrobe.

Final Thoughts When Choosing A Fendi Men’s Bag

Whatever your needs, you will find a Fendi men’s bag to suit them. They are all practical, the main decision is whether you want something you can carry around your waist, on your back, or simply in your hand.

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