Uniqueness is the force that shapes identity.
Multiplicity is the shape of authentic uniqueness.
The action is taken now one step further with a bold leap forward: Moncler Genius.

Eight different projects define the unity of Moncler Genius. Unity comes from focus, as interpretations of the Moncler ethos stem from the product.
Each project has the classic Moncler down jacket as the main playground, stands on its own, and all of them unanimously converging on the item. Keeping function at the core and approaching the duvet as an object, unique experiments ensue. The creative soul of each project morphs with the Moncler soul, creating a new identity that is truly authentic. The message is straightforward, the creative content clear. Creativity fuels an ascending movement palpable everywhere.


Kei Ninomiya

Kei Ninomiya approached the collection with the eye for intricacy and the sense of experimentalism he is known for. He explored an idea of wearable geometry, pushing the limits of duvet from both a technical and an aesthetic viewpoint, striving for innovation in both fields. Kei applied painstaking workmanship and fabric manipulation to the garments, using nylon and leather for a series of challenging yet functional items, made by multiplying small modules and assembling them into complete forms.